Learning Objectives


Intended for dermatologists, surgical dermatologists and plastic surgeons, this course will showcase lipolysis through controlled cooling. 

Facilitated by Dr. Rox Anderson, Dr. Jason Pozner and Dr. Brian Zelickson, the course combines compelling documentary-style video case presentations and patient demonstrations, physician commentary, 3D animation, written content and still images.  This highly interactive and media-rich educational experience will enable all learners to better understand and absorb the material presented.  There is no fee for this activity.

After participating in this educational activity, physicians will be able at its conclusion to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the recent advances in non-invasive body sculpting, specifically related to appropriate patient selection, strengths and weaknesses of each therapeutic option, and safety profiles associated with each technology.
  • Gain insight into one of the newest technologies, lipolysis through controlled cooling, and will learn where this therapy fits within the broader landscape of all body sculpting therapies. 
  • Apply this knowledge when consulting with patients, enabling both the physicians and their patients to develop realistic expectations for fat reduction outcomes.